Oil Painting – Abstract Art Ideas 2


Welcome back lovely people. This is another art of mine which is on ebay. I will post through the steps so that you can figure out how easy it is to do an abstract painting. My theory for abstract art is color it without any white spaces and you can draw what ever you like. It’s you who makes you an artist not the born talent to draw perfect arts. Always use colors that blends with each other well. This is an ideal painting for a kids room.

Did a sketch of the tree and took a picture of it so that I wouldn’t forget it when I finish painting the background


Background painted in fairyland colors. If you are planing to do this painting for a boys room try more blue and cut off the pinks and purples.


Let the background dry for a day or two and drew the tree shape with black oil paint.



Painted the sides as well so the painting will not need a frame. and outlined the tree in white and added the little circly shapes to give it a fairy land look. The beautiful painting is done in no time.


If you have any questions on these or want to know any additional information feel free to contact us. Stay tuned for more posts soon :)

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