Permanent Marker Drawing Ideas


I got my latest favorite toy :) Sharpie metallic permanent markers from Walmart. It was a goo deal I didn’t think I will be able to get it for just $3.00

So as usual I couldn’t keep my hands off them and did a little drawing actually a little doodle part for the blog. The Letter “S”. Planning to use this as a logo or the Favicon  :)

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Creative Handmade Letter Holder Idea


Hi All I’m back again. Today I’m showing you how to make a letter holder using recycle materials. This is actually an amazing creative handmade idea. I actually had a hard box cardboard piece at home which I have covered with a brown paper and had no ideas what for :P However used that piece of board as the main item to create this. Keep Reading →

Acorn Decoration Ideas -1

acorn pile

Hi all, I’m back after a while. So today I’m going to show you a very easy and simple decoration for your house during this fall. I guess you all are familiar with acorns. I’m really lucky to have a few parks around the apartment we live and while taking a walk dried acorns under a tree caught my eye. My husband was really helpful in collecting these. Came home and washed the dirt off the acorns and let it dry for a day. I didn’t have any Metallic paint in the house and wanted to buy some the next day. But couldn’t wait a day hence all I did was to use few old nail polish to color the acorns. Let them dry and fill the glass vase with it. Quick and easy.

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Creative Bow Ideas

il_570xN.406147006_pgx4Hi all I’m back again with some bow ideas. Holiday season is approaching and a bow is something that will be very useful. Not only during the holiday season but it’s useful throughout the year. Bows can be used in gift wrapping, cloths, shoes, accessories and even in the crafts you make. I hope you will get an ideas on bow making by going through these pictures. Feel free to buzz if you have any questions regarding this. Stay tuned for more.

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Creative Handmade Cards

These are some of the old Creative Handmade Cards I used to make. These were made 100% by hand. Each and every little detail in the cards were done by hand. These cards were made in 2007-2010 and during that time I didn’t have any cutters to cut flowers, stars and hearts hence everything was cut by a pair of scissors. Now the world is a better place for crafting with all new inventions like Cricut machines. these cards were mainly made using recycle papers.

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